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For “being close to ISIS” | Committees of Military Intelligence kidnap a civilian in Daraa

Daraa province: Members of committees of the Military Intelligence that belongs to “Abo Hajer”, kidnapped a civilian in the northern neighbourhood of Nawa City, for “being close to (Al-Azizy), who was killed in armed clashes in Nawa City after being accused of belonging to ISIS.”

The kidnappers stole his car and his possession, in light of the ongoing security chaos in the province.

On February 20, an armed group kidnapped a young man from Al-Jalabeyah village in western Daraa countryside, where he was kidnapped on Al-Sheikh Maskeen road in eastern Nawa city.
The gang members contacted with the young man’s relatives and asked them to pay a ransom estimated at 75,000 USD, while his fate remains unknown.