The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Civilian arrested by Turkish Intelligence | Military Police release three people for ransoms

Aleppo province: Members of a joint patrol of the Turkish Intelligence and the Military Police arrested a civilian from Balilka Village in Rajo district in Afrin countryside north western of Aleppo on February 21, for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”, to obtain ransoms from him.

On the same context, the Military Police and the Political Security released three civilians including a woman, for 700 to 800 USDs, where they were arrested at different occasions for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”, two of which are from Koliyan Foqany Village and the third is from Khalnira Village in Afrin countryside.

On February 21, members of a joint patrol of Turkish intelligence and civil police arrested during the past few days, a civilian from Koulyan Fouqani village in Rajo district for “going out on guard shifts” during the control of the Autonomous Administration over Afrin in northern Aleppo countryside.