The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

During military exercises | Iran-backed groups target largest US base in Syria

Iran-backed groups fired missiles on the largest US base in Syria in Al-Omar Oil Field eastern of Deir Ezzor, while the US forces were conducting military exercises in the base, where explosions were heard as the ground defences of US forces blocked the missiles. However, no casualties were reported.

Since October 19, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) documented 120 attacks carried out by Iranian-backed militias on Coalition bases in different areas across Syria.

Here is a breakdown of those attacks:

• 35 attacks on Al-Omar oil field base.

• 16 attack on Al-Shaddadi base in Al-Hasakah countryside.

• 33 attacks on Koniko gas field base.

• 17 attacks on the Kharab Al-Jair base in Al-Rumailan.

• 13 attacks on Al-Tanf garrison.

• Two attacks on Tel Baydar base in Al-Hasakah countryside.

• Two attacks on the American base in Rubarya in Al-Malikiyah countryside.

• One attack on Qasrak base in Al-Hasakah countryside.

• One attack on Istrahat Wazir base in Al-Hasakah countryside