The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demanding toppling of “Al-Ju*lani” | Tens of people go out in protest in Sarmmada city in northern Idlib countryside 

Idlib province: Tens of people from Sarmmada city in northern Idlib countryside went out in a protest, demanding the overthrow of the commander of HTS “Abu Muhammad Al-Julani” and revealing the fate of those detained and forcibly disappeared in HTS prisons.

The protesters held banners with slogans written on them that read: “we want an independent and fair judiciary that judges the strong before the weak and the leader before the soldier,” “Al-Julani was right when he said that he did not have prisons. He has human slaughterhouses not prisons.”

On February 23, SOHR sources reported that a member of “Jaish Al-Ahrar” died under brutal torture in a prison of HTS, after being arrested for eight months for “dealing with the International Coalition.”