The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Assas*sination attempt | Civilian stabbed with a white weapon by two people in Lattakia

Lattakia province: A civilian was severely injured after he was stabbed with a white weapon by a man and his son in an attempt to kill him, following quarrels that were caused by old disputes in Al-Mashraou Al-Sabae’ Neighbourhood in Lattakia City, where the injured person was taken to a hospital to receive proper medication and is currently in critical condition.

This comes in light of the security chaos in regime-held areas.

On February 22, a member of the Fourth Division of the regime forces killed a civilian and stole his motoerbike in a town in Rif Dimashq.

In detail, a member of the Fourth Division asked a civilian to take him to one of the military posts on a motorbike, and when they arrived at Jabal Al-Hosn in Flitah town in Al-Qalamoun area in Rif Dimashq, the member shot the civilian dead, stole his motorbike, and fled to an unknown destination.