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Ongoing reinforcements | “International Coalition” brings more military equipment to base in Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: “International Coalition” forces brought military reinforcements on two batches to Kharab Al-Jeir Base in Ramilan countryside northern of Al-Hasakah, from Kurdistan-Iraq region through Al-Waleed Crossing.

The reinforcements comprise 60 trucks carrying sealed boxes, military equipment and fuel tanks, while a military cargo plane carrying advanced military equipment, ammunition and anti-aircraft weapons landed in the same base.

The “International Coalition” forces reinforce their bases militarily and logistically, after the bases were targeted by Iran-backed militias that have escalated their military operations since the start of the war on Gaza.

Yesterday, US forces brought military reinforcements to Kharab Al-Jeir Base in Al-Hasakah countryside, via a US cargo plane accompanied by a helicopter and drones, where the cargo plane carried military and logistic equipment.