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Violent tribal infighting | SDF prevent tribal elders from entering conflict zone in western Al-Raqqah

Yesterday, the elder of “Al-Afadilah” tribe, Sheikh Huwaidi Shalahs Al-Mahjam, called upon tribal elders and dignitaries in Al-Raqqah city and countryside for holding a meeting today morning in his reception hall in order to discuss a solution that could probably put an end to the infighting between Al-Nasser and Al-Maghlatan tribes. It is worth noting that the infighting left several civilians dead and tens others injured last Saturday.


SOHR activists in Al-Raqqah have confirmed that nearly 400 tribal elders and dignitaries from Al-Raqqah attended the meeting this morning, before a delegation headed by Sheikh Huwaidi Shalahs headed to Al-Safasefah area and Al-Tabaqah to separately meet with the conflicting parties.


Meanwhile, members of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) stationed at checkpoints in Al-Mansourah area in western Al-Raqqah have stopped the delegation and prevented it from crossing to those areas, so Sheikh Huwaidi Shalahs returned back to his region to avoid unwelcome circumstances.


SOHR activists have reported that Asayish Forces prevent the entry of any people to the conflict zone and have imposed a curfew in Al-Safsafah area, along with arrests and a large-scale combing campaign by security forces.


On February 24, SOHR sources reported that two members of Al-Maghlatan Tribe and one member of Al-Walda Tribe, while more than 20 others were injured in tribal clashes near “Al-Safsafa Farm” in Al-Tabaka City western of Al-Raqqa, due to old disputes between both tribes.