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Controlled by “Manbij Military Council” | Turkish force bombard village in Manbij

Aleppo province: Turkish forces stationed in “Euphrates Shield” area fired artillery shells positions in Jaat village which is controlled by “Manbij Military Council Forces” in Manbij countryside in eastern Aleppo. However, no further details have been reported yet about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the recent attack.


Yesterday, Turkish rocket launchers attacked positions on Al-Sajour line in Manbij countryside.


While on February 19, SOHR sources reported that two members of Turkish-backed factions were killed and others were injured, as a result of the eruption of violent armed clashes between the factions and “Minbij Military Council” forces, on the frontline of Al-Sayadah village and its hill in the western countryside of Minbij, east of Aleppo, after an infiltration operation carried out by “Minbij Military Council” forces. The clashes coincided with intense artillery shelling from by Turkish forces, targeting the village and its hill.