The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shot by SDF | Member of “Al-Qaterjy” militia injured in Al-Asharah city

Deir Ezzor province: A member of “Al-Qaterjy” militia was injured in Al-Asharah city, within the areas controlled by the regime forces and Iranian militias, as a result of being shot by SDF in Daranj town on the opposite bank of the Euphrates River.
On February 24, A young man from Al-Bokamal was directly shot dead from the side of SDF areas, while he was fishing in Euphrates River that is considered a military area separating between SDF-held areas and regime-held areas.
On the same context, two children below the age of 14 were injured in Al-Corniche Neighbourhood in Al-Mayadeen City, where members of SDF opened fire directly on them from positions in Al-Hawayj Village near the post building on the banks of Euphrates River.