The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

To collect ransoms | Turkish-backed faction arrests two civilians after being deported from Turkey

Aleppo province: Members of a security patrol of Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya Faction arrested two young men from Al-Safeera City in Aleppo countryside, after they were deported by the Turkish authorities through Bab Al-Salama Crossing, where the members demanded the families of the young men to pay ransoms for their release.

On the same context, the Military Police released a civilian from Afrin City after arresting him for nearly a month, and they forced his family to pay 2,500 USDs with no information regarding the charges pressed against him.

Meanwhile, the Military Police in Afrin City released a civilian yesterday, after forcing him to pay a ransom of unknown value.

Yesterday, members of a military police patrol arrested two civilians from Shekhotkah village in Maabatli district, after raiding their house in Afrin city, without knowing the charges against them, in order to obtain a financial ransom from them.