The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

4 booby-trapped vehicles and 250 shells target the two towns of al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya

Idlib Province:

Sound of explosions heard in the towns of al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya, which are inhabited by Shiite people, caused by detonating 4 booby-trapped vehicles carried out Jabhat al- Nusra, Jund al- Aqsa, the Turkestan Islamic Party, fighters from Uzbekistan and Chechen belonging to Islamist factions, no information about casualties so far. Meanwhile, the number of rocket shells launched by Jabhat al- Nusra and other Islamist factions has risen 250 at least leading to kill a citizen at least while others were wounded.


The warplanes struck places in the village of Ta’oum and the city of Bennesh, no information about victims.