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Despite security tightening | Protestors demand departure of “Al-Golany” in the centre of Idlib City

Idlib province: Activists went out on protests against the head of HTS “Al-Golany” in Al-Saa’a Square in the centre of Idlib City.

The protestors demanded the departure of “Al-Golany” and for HTS to reveal the fates of the arbitrarily arrested and kidnapped people.

Despite the security tightening by HTS, several activists still participated in the protests, amid fear of the response from HTS.

On February 25, tens of people from Sarmmada city in northern Idlib countryside, went out in a protest, demanding the overthrow of the commander of HTS “Abu Muhammad Al-Julani” and revealing the fate of those detained and forcibly disappeared in HTS prisons.
The protesters held banners with slogans written on them that read: “we want an independent and fair justice that judges the strong before the weak and the leader before the soldier,” “Al-Julani is right when he says he does not have prisons” “he has human slaughterhouses not prisons.”
On February 23, SOHR sources reported that a member of “Jaish Al-Ahrar” died under brutal torture in a prison of HTS, after being arrested for eight months for “dealing with the International Coalition.”