The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Containing remnants of five people | Specialized organization discover a mass graveyard in Al-Raqqa countryside

Al-Raqqa province: A mass graveyard was found in Hanida Silos in Al-Raqqa countryside containing five unidentified bodies, where it was discovered by workers and a specialized organization was contacted to take samples from the bodies and run DNA tests.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the bodies belong to the time, where ISIS cells controlled over Al-Raqqa years before ISIS was expelled by SDF and the “International Coalition” forces.

In May 2023, residents found the remainders of two people wearing military uniforms in Al-Ra’iy Town in northern Aleppo countryside on borders between Syria and Turkey within areas held by Turkish forces and their factions in “Euphrates Shield” areas, with no information regarding the date of their death.