The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos | Unidentified gunmen open fire on car of a civilian in Al-Bab City

Aleppo province: Two people were injured after their vehicle was targeted by gunshots by unidentified gunmen in a “Santa Fe” car, near the road of Al-Hall market in Al-Bab City northern of Aleppo within areas of Turkish forces and their proxies in “Euphrates Shield” areas.

On February 24, armed clashes with light and medium weapons erupted between “Sahsoul” and “Hamdan Khalil” families I’m Al-Zeiyadeyah village in Ekhtareen within “Euphrates Shield” area which controlled by pro-Turkey factions in northern Aleppo countryside, following an old dispute between the two families, amid a state of panic among civilians.
This coincided with the arrival of a military convoy of the military and civil police to break up the clashes, amid reports about injuries among civilians.