The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Pursuing collaborator of Lebanese Hezbollah | Regime forces prevent entry of nutrition to Al-Rukban Camp in 55 kilometre de-confliction zone

SOHR activists reported that checkpoints of the regime have prevented the entry of vehicles carrying nutrition supplies to Al-Rukban (forgotten) Camp within the 55 kilometre de-confliction zone at the junction of borders between Syria, Iraq and Jordan for the second consecutive day, where the Syrian Free Army and the factions inside the camp have been pursuing Muhammed Al-Okail for “collaborating with Palmyra Intelligence Department.”

According to reliable SOHR sources, Al-Okail also collaborates with the Lebanese Hezbollah, where he facilitates the dealing of drugs and weapons and is accused of “stirring strife inside the camp.”

On February 23, the Syrian Observatory disclosed the circumstances of the armed attack which targeted the leader of the “Free Syria Army,” Colonel Farid Al-Qassem, which took place in Al-Rukban camp in the 55 kilometre de-confliction zone near Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle.

Reliable SOHR sources reported that the attack was carried out by an individual close to Farid Al-Qassem following disagreements between them, where the attacker worked in transporting foodstuffs from regime-controlled areas to Al-Rukban camp, and he cooperated widely with Al-Qassem in transporting and selling weapons outside the camp.

SOHR sources reported that Al-Qassem had asked that individual to bring in a specific amount of illicit drugs, so that Al-Qassem would film it and act as if his formation confiscated this narcotics shipment as a show off, but the man refused Al-Qassem’s request, where a dispute erupted between them and evolved to gunfire.

It is worth noting that the attacker is a relative of a former officer of the “Free Syria Army,” who had been discharged by the faction’s leader.