The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos | Five kil*led and injured in clashes between local groups in Daraa

Daraa province: Three members of armed local groups were killed and three others were injured, where shooting took place between two local groups near the road between Tafs and Al-Mazirib Cities in western Daraa countryside.

On a separate incident, two young men were injured in armed family infighting between cousins in Tafs City western of Daraa.

Since early 2024, SOHR activists have documented 44 incidents of security disorder in Daraa province, which left 60 people dead; and they are as follows:
Eight civilians, including two women and three children.

24 regime soldiers, members and collaborators with regime security services, including a woman.

Four men accused of “involving in drug business.”

Two members of Russian-backed 8th Brigade.

Ten ISIS member, including a commander.

Ten members of local factions.

A regime dissident colonel.

One unidentified person