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Public discontent after dea*th of protestor | Unidentified gu*nmen attack two governmental headquarters in Al-Suwaydaa

Al-Suwaydaa province: Gunshots and grenade explosions were heard in several areas of Al-Suwaydaa due to an attack by gunmen driving cars targeting the vicinity of State Security Department and the vicinity of Al-Baath Party in Al-Suwaydaa.

Al-Suwaydaa province witnesses a state of tension and major public discontent, after the death of a protestor in the city today.

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that a 54 year-old civilian died affected by the injury he sustained today after being shot in the chest while he was with the protesters on the vicinity of the 7th of April hall.
This coincided with a state of high alert in the city and the national hospital, amid calls not to drag into the reactions.
It is worth noting that the victim is the first fatality in the peaceful protests in Al-Suwaidaa.
This came in light of the authoritarianism, oppression and tyranny practiced by the regime forces and its intelligence branches on civilians and the starvation that the regime has used against its people for years.