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Primary death toll | Two members of Iranian militias killed and six injured under Israeli shelling on a farm and training centre in Rif Dimashq

Two Syrian members of the Iranian militias that are affiliated to the Lebanese Hezbollah were killed and six others were injured and burned amid information regarding missing people, in a primary toll caused by Israeli airstrikes targeting two buildings in a farm and a training centre of the militias, where both buildings are 600 metres away from each other, on the road between Babaila and Al-Saida Zainab near Suleimani Park.

Meanwhile, the second attack targeted a farm in the area between Al-Hajeera and Al-Saida Zainab in Rif Dimashq.

Earlier today, Israeli missiles were fired on positions of Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian militias in Rif Dimashq, where four violent explosions were heard in Al-Saida Zainab area and Basatin Baila (Gardens) due to shelling on two positions in the area, while ambulance vehicles rushed to the location of the attacks and injuries were reported, amid reports of other casualties and missing people.

Since the beginning of 2024, SOHR has documented 17 Israeli attacks on the Syrian territory: 11 airstrikes and six rocket attacks by ground forces. Those attacks destroyed nearly 36 targets, including weapons and ammunitions warehouses, headquarters, centres and vehicles.
The Israeli attacks left 37 combatants dead and 19 others injured. The fatalities are distributed as follows:
• Ten Iranian-backed Syrian militiamen.
• Four Iranian-backed non-Syrian militiamen.
• Seven members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.
• Eight members of the Lebanese Hezbollah.
• Three Iraqi persons
• Five unidentified persons.
In addition, nine civilians, including a woman, were killed in the Israeli strikes

The attacks are distributed as follows:
• Damascus and Rif Dimashq: Nine attacks.
• Daraa: Five attacks.
• Homs: Two attacks.
• Al-Qunaitrah: One attack.
SOHR would like to point out that Israel sometimes targeted more than one province in a single attack