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After torturing detainee | Security mobilization and military reinforcements take place by “Jais” Tribe in “Euphrates Shield”

Aleppo province: Baza’a Town in Jarablus countryside northern of Aleppo witnessed security mobilization and military reinforcements by members of “Jais” Tribe, after the Military Police arrested a young man of the tribe, where he was taken to a hospital due to being tortured.

A convoy of vehicles carrying hundreds of fighters of “Jais” Tribe roamed streets of Jarablus City in “Euphrates Shield” area demanding the release of the detainee, and threatened to escalate the situation in case he wasn’t released.

Yesterday, a young man was arrested by members of a patrol of the Military Police in front of Zawghara Camp in Jarablus City in northern Aleppo countryside, and he was taken to an unknown destination.

On the same context, a military group of “Al-Hamzat” Division assaulted a “mechanic”, after he refused to fix their vehicle in the industrial area in Al-Bab City northern of Aleppo within “Euphrates Shield” area