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By land and air | US forces bring major military reinforcements to Kharab Al-Jeir Base in Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: Kharab Al-Jeir Base in Ramilan countryside northern of Al-Hasakah, witnessed the arrival of military reinforcements by land and air on batches in Thursday, where the number of cargo planes that landed in the base reached seven planes, amid the extensive flight of US helicopters and drones over the region.

The planes carry anti-aircraft weapons and heavy ammunition, where the airport witnessed the landing and setting off of helicopters from and towards the base.

On the same context, a convoy of ten Bradley armoured vehicles entered the base through Al-Waleed crossing on borders with Iraq, amid the flight of helicopters.

Moreover, a convoy of 70 trucks carrying fuel tanks, sealed boxes and logistic equipment entered the base, along with extensive flight of planes over the region