The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tartus | Loud explosions rock Baniyas city and its suburbs

Tartus province: SOHR activists have reported hearing three loud explosions in Baniyas city and its suburbs on the Syrian coastline this dawn, amid a state of panic among residents. The reasons and source of those explosions remains unknown.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that an Israeli drone attacked a truck of the Lebanese Hezbollah in in Al-Qusayr countryside near the Syria-Lebanon border, killing a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah.


Meanwhile, Israel forces attacked with three missiles a position of the air-defense forces and radar systems near Dummar project, four kilometres away from the extension of Dummar project in the vicinity of the capital Damascus. This coincided with an attempt  by regime’s air-defences to intercept the missiles. However, the Israeli missiles reached their goals.