The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid exchange of fire in western Hama | Regime forces shell positions in Aleppo and Idlib countryside

Regime forces fired artillery shells on positions in the vicinity of Tadil and Kafr Taal villages and Ibzimu town in the western countryside of Aleppo and the villages of Al-Fterah, Sfyhen, Fulayfel and Al-Bara in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib.


On the other hand, regime forces and factions of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room traded heavy machinegun fire on Al-Mashare’ frontline in Sahl Al-Ghab in western Hama. No further details have been reported yet about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the recent exchange of fire.


Meanwhile, Russian reconnaissance drones flew oveer Jabal Al-Zawiyah and Jabal Al-Akrad.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that regime forces fired shells and high-explosive missiles on the frontlines of Kafar Taal and Kafar Ammah in the western countryside of Aleppo. The shelling also targeted Al-Fatirah and Safouhen villages in Jabal Al-Zawiyah, south of Idlib.


The frontline of Kabanah in Jabal Al-Akrad, north of Latakia, witnessed an exchange of mortar shells between “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” factions and regime forces. However, no causalities were reported.