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Preparing for combing operation | Regime forces bring military reinforcements to Deir Ezzor to pursue IS*IS cells

Deir Ezzor province: Regime forces brought major military reinforcements for the 17th Division in Deir Ezzor, coming for Damascus, comprising military machineries, armoured vehicles and military cars “Zil” carrying soldiers and weapons, in preparation to start a combing operation in the desert in search of ISIS cells.

The desert witnesses an escalation of activity by ISIS cells, where the cells launch attacks on checkpoints of regime forces and their militias.

On February 10, regime forces brought in new military reinforcements from the 17th and 18th Divisions and members of the National Defence, in addition to military equipment, vehicles, field guns and ammunition to their military posts stationed in the vicinity of Al-Dubeiyat gas field in the eastern countryside of Homs, coinciding with the increasing intensity of “ISIS” attacks in various areas within regime-held areas.