The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Following  closure of trade route by regime forces | Heating supplies run out, further deepening civilians’ sufferings in Al-Rukban camp

The humanitarian situation in Al-Rukban camp within the 55-kilometre de-confliction zone near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle gets worse, as regime forces stationed at military checkpoints continue clamping down on residents inside the camp, after chasing a collaborator with regime forces and their intelligence services by members of the “Syrian Free Army” to arrest him.


Regime forces have been closing the only commercial road which links regime-held areas and the camp region for a week; this resulted in the depletion of heating supplies in light of the spell of harsh weather and freezing temperatures which strike the camp.


According to reliable SOHR sources, the humanitarian situation in the camp is very dire, where the closure of the trade route, running out of fuel and preventing the entry of food supplies into the camp through regime’s checkpoints have led to a humanitarian crisis in Al-Rukban camp.


The inhabitants of the camp have urged relevant authorities to intervene and contribute to bring essential supplies into the camp. They also call for keeping civilians away from the ongoing events between regime and its security services on one hand, and the “Syrian Free Army” on the other, stressing that civilians must not be used as a tool for pressure.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that checkpoints of the regime have prevented the entry of vehicles carrying nutrition supplies to Al-Rukban (forgotten) Camp within the 55 kilometre de-confliction zone at the junction of borders between Syria, Iraq and Jordan for the second consecutive day, where the Syrian Free Army and the factions inside the camp have been pursuing Muhammed Al-Okail for “collaborating with Palmyra Intelligence Department.”


According to reliable SOHR sources, Al-Okail also collaborates with the Lebanese Hezbollah, where he facilitates the dealing of drugs and weapons and is accused of “stirring strife inside the camp.”