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Following revealing location of Iranian advisor and two of his assistants | Military Intelligence arrests two persons one of whom is soldier in Banias

Tartous province: SOHR sources reported that two persons were arrested by military intelligence in Banias city, one of them is a soldier, on charges of dealing with Israel and providing coordinates, against the backdrop of the Israeli targeting that was carried out yesterday of a villa on the outskirts of the city that was inhabited by an Iranian-backed group, which led to the killing of an Iranian advisor and two of his assistants who were of non-Syrian nationality, as the advisor worked at an air radar base located between Thahr Al-Zobah and Al-Marqab, and this was the first time the city had been targeted.
As a result of the Israeli bombing, many houses surrounding the targeted villa were damaged, resulting in the injury of some civilians.
According to the sources, the “villa” was rented from its owner months earlier, and he was told that the tenants were an “oil expert” and his assistants.
The presence of Iranians in civilian areas after such targeting, puts residents of those areas in a state of fear of Israeli targeting, and the residents of that area knew that there were non-Syrian people in the targeted villa.
According to SOHR statistics, the regime’s security services have arrested 19 officers, including officers and leaders, since the beginning of this year, on charges of dealing with Israel, against the backdrop of the major Israeli escalation on Syrian territory.