The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Family infighting | Three people kil*led and inj*ured in Al-Hasakah countryside

Al-Hasakah province: A man and a woman of a family of “Al-Jawana’a” Tribe were killed and a young man of a family of “Al-Dabaa’y” Tribe was injured in Al-Hadaja Village southern of Al-Hasakah, in quarrels that escalated to tribal infighting between the two families using machineguns.

Accordingly, the number of infightings which followed disputes over retaliation and family and tribal disagreements in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration has reached 13 since early 2024. According to SOHR statistics, these infightings left 12 people dead and 37 others injured; they are distributed regionally as follows:

* Deir Ezzor: Eight infightings left two people dead and 14 people injured.

* Al-Raqqah: Three infightings left eight people dead and 20 people injured.

* Aleppo: One infighting left two people injured.

• Al-Hasakah: One infighting left two people killed and one injured.