The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing peaceful protests | Russian Military Police meet officers of Syrian regime in Al-Suwaydaa

A convoy of the Military Police in Al-Suwaydaa City met with security officers in the city, following the latest events in Al-Suwaydaa, where one of the protesters was shot dead by security forces of the regime, as the protesters insist on having their demands.

Dozens of civilians gathered in Al-Karama Square in the centre of Al-Suwaydaa City to participate in protests, 200 days after the popular uprising of people of Al-Suwaydaa against the Syrian regime, demanding freedom, to overthrow the head of the regime, the imposition of the 2254 Decree and the release of detainees in prisons, where the protesters chanted slogans such as “the Syrian people are one unit.”

Yesterday, dozens of civilians from Al-Suwaidaa renewed their affirmation on the continuation of the peaceful movement against the regime and its government, where dozens gathered in Al-Karamah square in the centre of the city, demanding freedom, the toppling of the regime, the implementation of Resolution 2254 and the release of detainees. The demonstrators lifted placards with slogans written on them that read; “Peaceful until the toppling of the regime”, “Our peacefulness is our path to salvation” and “The regime’s approach is bloody, our approach is our peacefulness”.