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Ongoing uprising against Al-Golany | Dozens in Taftanaz demand departure of the head of H*T*S and release of prisoners

Idlib province: Dozens protesters went out in Taftanaz Town in Idlib countryside, demanding the departure of the head of HTS “Al-Golany” and the release of prisoners in prisons of HTS.

Anger spread among civilians in HTS-held areas and the Syrian north, after HTS admitted to killing a detainee that is a member of Jaish Al-Ahrar, ten months after hiding him and not revealing his fate.

HTS spread rumours against the killed detainee that he “collaborated with and received finances from foreign parties”, where he was proven innocent against these charges and he was killed under brutal torture nearly five months ago, while HTS revealed the location of his burial and his body was received and buried in his family’s graves.

Earlier today, people from Idlib city went out in a protest against HTS, in Al-Sa’ah Square in Idlib city centre, demanding the overthrow of “Al-Julani”, condemning the practices of HTS and its commander, the of political prisoners, fair and speedy trials for prisoners, the cessation of torture and relief from fees and taxes for civilians.
On March 1, SOHR sources reported that residents in north western of Syria went out on protests in Idlib City, where hundreds of activists and civilians participated in the protests against HTS and its leader “Al-Golany”, under the slogan of “Restoring the Revolution Friday.”

On the same context, residents of Al-Atareb, Marae’ and Babika Cities in Aleppo countryside went out on protests against HTS, demanding the overthrow of “Al-Julani” and the Syrian regime.