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Following attacks by “National Army” factions | Turkish forces fire mortar and artillery shells on five villages in Manbij

Aleppo province: Turkish forces stationed in Al-Shaikh Aqeel Base in northern Aleppo countryside, fired artillery and mortar shells on Al-Kawekly, Korhaik, Qart Wairan, Al-Sayada and Al-Yalanly Villages within areas of the Kurdish Front in Manbij countryside.

Earlier today, clashes erupted between the Kurdish Front and Turkish-backed factions, in a sneak operation by the factions on frontlines of Al-Boghaz Village in Manbij countryside eastern of Aleppo.

Heavy and medium weapons were used in the clashes, coinciding with artillery shelling on areas of both parties, leaving several members injured.

Turkish forces fired mortar shells on Aoun Al-Dadat village in Minbij countryside, within areas controlled by Minbij Military Council forces.