The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Having being detained for more than two years | Detainee killed under torture in “HTS” prisons

Idlib province: A detainee was killed under torture in “HTS” prisons, after a detention that lasted two and a half years. According to SOHR activists, the detainee was a soldier on the lines of contact with regime areas, and hailed from Hama city, where he was arrested on charges of spying and logging by the General Security Service of “HTS”.
While the security authorities informed his family that he died three months ago, and had been buried in a mass grave, without handing over the body to his family.
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham is still carrying out the death penalty against those found guilty of working for a party it considers hostile to it, in addition to those who have been proven to be involved in killings and bombings in areas of its influence, according to its claims, while the courts are conducting investigations regarding charges of working far from the media in their dark rooms.
On February 23, SOHR sources reported that a member of “Jaish Al-Ahrar” died under brutal torture in a prison of HTS, after being arrested for eight months for “dealing with the International Coalition