The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

At orders by Hezbollah | Clashes escalate between local gunmen and SDF in Deir Ezzor countryside with the aim of threatening US bases

Clashes renew every now and then between Syrian Democratic Forces and tribesmen on the banks of Euphrates river in Deir Ezzor countryside, where SOHR documented eight rounds of clashes and attacks, including infiltration operations and gunfire by snipers, between the two sides since early March.


This coincides with the suspension of attacks by Iranian-backed militias on US bases in Syria.


Yesterday, a meeting was held in the headquarters of the 4th Division in Deir Ezzor city attended by top commanders of the Lebanese Hezbollah, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, tribal elders and dignitaries and officers of security branches.


The commanders order to continue attacks against SDF, the USA’s ally in east Euphrates region, stressing that these attacks destabilize the region and confuse US forces which are stationed in several bases in SDF-controlled areas, the most prominent of which is the largest US base in Syria in Al-Omar oil field.


The commanders also confirmed their intention to increase military and financial support to local groups in east Euphrates region, as well as supporting fighters from that region, who are now deployed in west Euphrates region.