The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Go away, Julani” | Residents stage anti-HTS protest in Al-Karamah camps in Idlib

Residents staged a protest in the camps of Al-Karamah in Idlib countryside against Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and its leader “Abu Mohammad Al-Julani,” where the protestors also called for the release of detainees held in HTS prisons.


The protestors chanted slogans against Al-Julani and the General Security Service similar to those slogans they had used with the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution against Bashar Al-Assad and his brother Maher.


Peaceful protests are still ongoing against HTS in the Syrian north, despite the fact the Al-Golany announced a reform package in a meeting with the government, Al-Shura Council and the Tribal Council.


Moreover, “Al-Golany” threatened the protesters from crossing his “red lines.”


Protests took place against HTS and the violations committed against the civilians by the General Security Service and HTS members, in Ariha and Taftanaz Cities in Idlib countryside, where the protesters demanded the departure of “Al-Golany” the head of HTS and they accused HTS of “dismantling the factions fighting against the regime and increasing the suffering of civilians.”