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Commemorating 13th anniversary of Syrian Revolution | People from several towns and cities in Idlib go out in protests demanding toppling of Bashar Al-Assad and Al-Julani

Idlib province: HTS-held areas have witnessed widespread protests in several areas, where residents of Benish, M’aret Misrin, Deir Hassan, and Ariha in Idlib countryside , and Daret Azzah in western Aleppo countryside, went out in protests to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the Syrian revolution and condemn the policies of HTS and its commander “Abu Mohammed Al-Julani.” The protesters held banners confirming the principles of the Syrian Revolution,” and chanting slogans demanded the toppling of Bashar Al-Assad and “Al-Julani.”
This coincided with the deployment of security members of the General Security Service of HTS in the mosques in Idlib city.
On March 14, SOHR sources reported that residents staged a protest in the camps of Al-Karamah in Idlib countryside against Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and its leader “Abu Mohammad Al-Julani,” where the protestors also called for the release of detainees held in HTS prisons.
The protestors chanted slogans against Al-Julani and the General Security Service similar to those slogans they had used with the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution against Bashar Al-Assad and his brother Maher.