After they finish training in Turkey, 75 fighters enter Syria heavily armed • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After they finish training in Turkey, 75 fighters enter Syria heavily armed

Reliable sources informed SOHR that 75 fighters from the Division 30 and Soqour al- Jabal entered Syria yesterday night and this morning through Bab al- Salamah border crossing after they underwent training course on the hands of American, British and Turkish trainers in training camps in Turkey. The sources confirmed to SOHR that 12 4×4 cars with machineguns stuck on them and handed over to them in the Turkish city of Killis as well as they received ammunitions and personal bags. And when they entered to the border crossing of Bab al- Salamah the factions in charge inspected 3 cars, where the trainees surprised that all the bags they received were containing the current Syrian flag and that is internationally recognized and adopted by the Syrian regime.  After that, they have stationed in areas in the north of Aleppo.


In August 16, SOHR received a copy of a statement issued by the Division 30 that, “7 fighters of the Infantry Division 30, who were being detained by our brothers in Jabhat al- Nusra, were released, and we estimated this noble step by our brothers and we hope them to release the leader of the Division and his friends in the next hours on the base of our believe that we are in a raw with our brothers the mujahedeen all over Syria.


In the third and fourth August, Jabhat al- Nusra arrested at least 5 people claiming that they belongs to the Division 30 in Qah area near the Sanjak of Alexandretta dragging them to un known place. It was that at least 25 fighters of Jabhat al- Nusra died in US- led coalition airstrikes and clashes with the Division 30 on the outskirts of the city of I’zaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo in July 31, where most of Jabhat al- Nusra fighters killed in targeting their headquarters by the coalition warplanes, while 7 fighters of the Division 30 and allied factions were killed in the same clashes too.