The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dozens of explosive barrels target Reef Dimashq, and aerial bombardment targets Homs countryside

Reef Dimashq province: about 30 Explosive barrels were dropped on Ma’damia al-Sham and Daraya. The warplanes raided Zamalka, Daraya, Jesrin, Hamouria, and Duma. An IED exploded in Jeroud town what killed a man. Clashes continue in Dahya al-Assad leading to the death of 4 and devastated a tank for regime forces. 

Homs province: The warplanes targeted Talbisa with 4 airstrikes. The warplanes also raided Qneitrat followed by regime’s bombardment on the area. A man from al-Jamali was killed by explosive barrels targeted the village. Regime forces opened heavy machine gun fire on al-Waer, leading to material damages.