The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ten days after arrested of “Mohammed Al-Ali” | Syrian regime insists of the security solution

Homs province: The child “Mohammed Al-Ali” has been arrested for ten days after writing insulting sentences on the picture of the head of the regime, while the regime still insists on solving the situation with “security solution”, where the regime hasn’t learned from the consequences of arresting children of Daraa that caused the spark of the Syrian revolution 13 years ago.

On March 13, the fate of the nine-year-old child, “Muhammad Al-Ali”, was still unknown, after his arrest last Thursday from his “Al-Shahid Ghadeer Maryam Primary School” in Marj Al-Qata village in the western countryside of Homs, by members of the “Political Security” branch, in Khirbet Al-Tin area, after being subjected to severe torture at the hands of the head of the school called “Wasim Shahoud”, because the child wrote on a picture of the head of the regime, “Bashar al-Assad”. The head of the school then contacted the district director and the latter took over the case and sent a patrol belonging to the “Political Security” branch to arrest the child in an arbitrary and brutal way without taking into account his young age or even his psychological and family circumstances.
According to SOHR sources, the child has been taken to the “political security” branch in Homs city, where his family try to visit him on a daily basis to ascertain his fate or whether he will be released or tried, without being able to obtain any information about the fate of the detained child.
Fears are growing for the fate of the child within the notorious prisons of the regime’s security branches, where thousands of Syrians have been killed under torture since 2011, including many children.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights renews its demand for the immediate release of the child and the disclosure of his fate. It also denounces his arrest solely because he wrote on the picture of the head of the regime, without seeing the details of the incident or hold the head of the school accountable for not handling the case on the basis of his responsibility for the school. SOHR also demand the release of all detainees in the regime’s prisons.