The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A breach of the ceasefire at al-Fou’aa in the countryside of Idlib and human losse by a sniper

Idlib Province:

The calm is still prevail the vicinity of the towns of Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa which are inhabited by Shiite citizens in the countryside of Idlib, interspersed by a breach of the ceasefire which is witnessed by both towns, where there was an exchange of gunfire by the snipers of the Islamic Factions and Al-Nusra Front against NDF and militants of Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa, which killed a member of the NDF and wounded three others at least and also injured fighters from the Islamic Factions, amid an exchange of accusations between the both sides about who started this shooting first, while a girl from Saraqeb town in the southern countryside of Idlib died in the raid by the warplanes on areas in the town.