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Ongoing violations in Afrin | Turkish-backed factions continue killing civilians, looting properties and felling fruit-bearing trees

Turkish-backed factions and intelligence service continue their violations in “Olive Branch” area in the light of the absence of law and deterrence; this has triggered a state of public anger. In the past few days, Afrin canton has experienced scores of reprehensible practices by Turkish-backed factions, which can be summarised in the following main points:



Looting of properties


Members of “Sultan Murad” faction sold two houses to two militiamen in Al-Zaydiyah neighbourhood in Afrin city for 2,000 USD. The two houses belong to civilians from the region.


Meanwhile, a militiaman sold a house in Al-Ashrafiyah neighbourhood for 1,000 USD. The house belongs to a civilian from Khalilaka village in Afrin countryside. Another house in the same neighbourhood was also sold for 1,400 USD.


In Taranda village, however, a militiaman of “Al-Hamzat” faction sold two houses belonging to civilians from Ghazzawiyah village in Shirawa district for 2,000 USD.



Felling olive trees


In Semalka village, 40 olive trees belonging to civilians from Shekhotka village in Ma’batli district were felled by two members of “Sultan Murad” faction.





A civilian in his fifties from Jiyah village in Afrin countryside died after having been attacked by militiamen of “Liwaa Al-Shamal” faction using a sharp tool, while he was attempting to prevent the militiamen from felling 300 long-lived olive trees in an area between Kobakah and Jiyah villages.


According to SOHR sources, the residents of Jiyah village suffer from reprehensible practices by members of “Liwaa Al-Shamal” faction who dominate the village and have turned civilian houses into military barracks. The faction’s members also prevent civilians from approaching from the village, which forced the village’s inhabitants to leave for neighbouring villages.



Arbitrary arrests


Turkish intelligence service arrested a 49-year-old woman from Sinnarah village in Sheikh Hadid district, nearly ten days after having returned to their hometown from areas where she had been displaced. The fate of the woman, who was arrested for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration,” remains unknown.


Moreover, a 42-year-old civilian from Maydanki village was arrested, nearly two months after having returned to their hometown from Aleppo city where he had been displaced. The man was arrested in Al-Mahmoudiyah neighbourhood in Afrin city for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration.”


While in Raju district, the Turkish intelligence arrested a civilian from Balilko village, while heading to Afrin city centre with the aim of security daily essentials. The man was arrested for unknown reasons and his fate remains unknown.


In Ma’batli district, however, a 29-year-old man from Boraymajah village was arrested by Turkish intelligence, after having been deported from Turkey, and his fate remains unknown.



Separately, Turkish intelligence released a 52-year-old man and his 26-year-old son who hail from Sheikhotka village in Ma’batli district, after having been arrested for two weeks. The Turkish intelligence also seized 2.5 kilograms of gold jewellery from the father’s shop in Afrin city.


According to SOHR sources the two men were arrested near Al-Orobah school in Afrin Al-Qadimah neighbourhood on February 15, where the father was accused of “receiving a remittance of some 2,500 USD transferred from Aleppo city,” while the son was accused of “participating in the explosion which had hit Nowruz roundabout on February 6.”