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Security chaos | Disputes over smuggling earnings causes clashes in Marae’ City

Aleppo province: Violent clashes erupted with light and medium weapons between gunmen of Luwaa Al-Waqqas (Brigade) that has ISIS members on one hand and other gunmen of Al-Hamza Division on the other hand, in Marae’ City in northern Aleppo countryside due to disputes over smuggling earnings. However, no casualties were reported.

Earlier today, the cities of Al-Bab and Izaz within the “Euphrates Shield” area, in Aleppo countryside, witnessed military mobilizations and alert between the “National Army” and the HTS-backed “Al-Shahbaa Gathering”, after the latter refused to dissolve the gathering and join the ranks of the “Turkish Army”, under Turkish orders, The “Military Police” checkpoint in Kafar Jannah village in Sharan district also prevented the passage of a convoy of Ahrar Olan, allied with “Al-Shahbaa Gathering”, towards Izaz, north of Aleppo, amid a state of tension in the region.
The mobilizations between the two sides come against the backdrop of the Turkish side accusing “Al-Shahbaa Gathering” faction of standing behind the incident of intercepting a convoy of a high-ranking Turkish intelligence official, along with officials of the “Syrian Interim Government” by the residents on March 17, in Sajou town in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Against the background of the incident, patrol members of Al-Shamiyah Front faction arrested eight civilians from Izaz city in the countryside of Aleppo.