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Suic*idal bo*mbing | Prominent jihadist Abo Maria Al-Qahtany kil*led in Idlib countryside

The jihadist Abo Maria Al-Qahtany was killed and four others were injured including former commanders of ISIS, in a suicidal bombing in Sarmada Town. This comes less than a month after he was released.

Abo Maria Al-Qahtany is considered one of the most prominent Iraqi commanders of ISIS in Syria.

In 2011, Al-Baghdadi sent him with Al-Golany to Syria to establish department of ISIS, and he was the Sharia official and general judge of Al-Jabha (Front).

It is worth noting that Al-Qahtany was appointed as official for Al-Hesba Brigade and was a member of the Sharia Committee in Nainawy City after the establishment of Iraqi Islamic Country in 2006, after he was released from prison.