The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dea*th toll update | Two members of “National Army” kil*led in explosion of a military vehicle in “Euphrates Shield” areas

Aleppo province: Violent explosion took place in Al-Ra’iy Town in northern Aleppo countryside due to the explosion of an IED in a military vehicle of the “National Army” near a checkpoint of the Civil Police at the eastern entrance of Al-Ra’iy City northern of Aleppo, where two members of the “National Army” were killed in a primary toll.

On March 20, a driver was killed and two members of military police were injured due to the explosion of an IED planted earlier by unidentified individuals in a car near a military checkpoint at the entrance of Al-Ra’ei city within “Euphrates Shield” area which controlled by pro-Turkey factions in northern Aleppo countryside.