The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Growing anti-Syrian sentiment | SOHR condemns increasing assaults against Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the heinous crime against Baskal Suleiman

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) condemns the increasing assaults and attacks against Syrian refugees in Lebanon by some haters, paid agents and members of the ruling party following the death of a commander of the Lebanese forces by Syrians, according to the alleged story circulated by the Lebanese authorities. Such accusations can never be used as an excuse to assault Syrian refugees, who have been already escaped from injustice and killing in their homeland and sought refuge in Lebanon and other neighbouring countries.


We, at the Syrian Observatory, hold the Lebanese authorities responsible for the safety of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


We also condemns the crime against the leader of Al-Qowat Party, which coincided with considerable criticism against the Lebanese Hezbollah by the party of the victim, Baskal. According to the story of the Lebanese army, the directorate of the intelligence service arrested the members of a “Syrian gang” involved in the kidnapping of Baskal Suleiman. After investigations, the gang’s members confessed to killing Suleiman by hitting him on his head, while attempting to hijack his car in Jbail area in Lebanon, before they moved his body to Syria, as the Lebanese army described.


The story did not explain how did the arrested persons, who supposed to be involved in kidnapping and killing Suleiman, managed to move the body of the victim from Lebanon to Syria that easy without help by influential authorities in Lebanon. This comes after a body was found in an area dominated by the Lebanese Hezbollah in Syria’s Homs, but SOHR was not able to verify if the body belonged to Baskal Suleiman or not.


SOHR condemns stoking anti-refugee sentiment by politicians in Lebanon, who always portray Syrian refugees as the “axis” of every crisis in Lebanon and hosting them in Lebanon is the major reason behind the deteriorating living conditions.


SOHR would like to stress that Syrian refugees have no option to return to Syria over concerns about arbitrary arrests by the Syrian regime’s authorities.