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Escalation of Israeli military activity | Russian forces establish two checkpoints near the occupied Syrian Al-Golan

Al-Qonaitara province: Russian forces established two new checkpoints on borders with the occupied Syrian Al-Golan and deployed in a military position of the regime forces in Tel Mashara, and in Tel Karam checkpoint western of Jabba Town in the middle countryside of Al-Qonaitara province.

Accordingly, the number of Russian checkpoints near the occupied Syrian Al-Golan has risen to 14.

Israeli forces have attacked Syrian territory 65 times since the start of the war on Gaza, targeting the southern Syrian areas in Damascus, Rif Dimashq, Al-Qonaitara, Daraa and Al-Suwaydaa, and have attacked other areas only 14 times.

On April 3, Russian forces installed a new observation point in the western plains area of Al-Muallaqah town in the western countryside of Al-Qunaitrah, near the border with the occupied Syrian Golan. This comes as part of reducing the level of tensions in the region, between groups working with the Lebanese “Hezbollah” and Israel.