The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Iranian response” | Anti-aircraft weapons of the regime on high alert as Israeli planes fly over the region

Drones of “unidentified” sources flew extensively over eastern Syrian areas, coinciding with information that Iran launched drones towards Israel in the depth of the Palestinian territory.

Meanwhile, all Syrian military positions in Daraa and Rif Dimashq have witnessed major mobilization coinciding with high alert of the anti-aircraft weapons of the regime.

Moreover, warplanes and drones have been flying over the occupied Syrian Al-Golan.

Iranian militias have been put into alert on Syrian territory and major mobilization for 25 hours, in preparation to carry out Iranian threats against the assassination of commanders of the “Axis of Resistance” and decrease the frequency of Israeli attacks in order to stay in Syrian territory and reinforce their presence.

The militias repositioned and deployed in several Syrian regions, removed flags, banners, and signs that confirm their presence, froze public movements of commanders except in cases of extreme necessity, and changed convoy vehicles for military commanders.

These changes took place in Damascus, Al-Qalmoun area, south western Rif Dimash, areas near the occupied Syrian Al-Golan and Aleppo and its countryside.

Moreover, Iranian militias repositioned in the Syrian Desert and reduced their numbers in military checkpoints in the desert.

SOHR activists reported that Deir Ezzor city, which is controlled by regime forces and Iranian militias, had witnessed a state of calm and the absence of any new movements of Iranian-backed militias in the city, including opening of new headquarters or bringing in weapons and ammunition.
According to SOHR sources, the Iranian-backed militias fear the Israeli bombing and the recurrence of new assassinations of their leaders in Syria, which prompted them to try to hide, in conjunction with the tension and anticipation occurring with Iranian threats to respond decisively to Israel’s assassination of “Axis of Resistance” leaders.