The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos | Member of Soqour Al-Sham kil*led in “Olive Branch” areas in Maidanky

A member of Soqour Al-Sham was found shot dead in Maidanky area in Afrin countryside, where his body was taken to the military hospital in Afrin, with no information regarding the perpetrators.

On April 11, a member of the “National Army” killed his sister to “wash the shame” in Afrin countryside in “Olive Branch” Operation Area.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the murderer opened fire on his sister in Jalma Village in Jinderes district northern of Aleppo.

Murders are committed against women on charges of “harming honor,” a charge that has such a hold on awareness in Eastern societies that it is sufficient to not undertake any direct intervention to save the victim, the “woman,” and she is killed openly in public, while her partner continues his life with impunity.