The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations | Lebanese people continue assaulting Syrian refugees and merchants

Syrian refugees in Lebanon are still being harassed, have their properties stolen and broken and demanded to leave, after the death of Pascal Suleiman.

According to reliable SOHR sources, Lebanese young men gather on the roads until night to attack refugees in neighbourhoods of the capital Beirut and Jabil City in particular, despite the Lebanese General Security’s signing of a pledge by some of the attackers, this action included a small number, and they are the ones who appeared in the videotapes.

Activists circulate images and video tapes, some of which are fake, to incite chaos and hate against Syrian refugees, where a fake video tape was circulated showing people robbing stores of Syrian people.

Moreover, a church in Lassa Town was robbed, raising the question of who is trying to manipulate the security situation and incite against the refugees.

(Borj Hammoud, Al-Naba’a, Al-Dawra, Sin Al-Feel) Neighbourhoods in the capital Beirut and Jabil City witnessed violence acts against Syrian refugees and merchants, where they were harmed after their stores were closed and their business was stopped with the ongoing violations against them and attempts to expel them from Lebanon after the death of Pascal Suleiman.

Moreover, Syrian families left areas of Sin Al-Feel and Borj Hammoud after a series of assaults and violations against Syrian store owners and workers in the area.

SOHR calls for immediate intervention to stop violations against Syrian refugees and merchants by pressuring the Lebanese government to take the necessary measures to stop attacks against them.