The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military escalation and intense aerial bombardment leaves dozens dead and wounded and destroys houses in the city of Palmyra

Homs Province:

At least 12 civilian citizens were killed and tens of others were injured in the city of Palmyra due to intense aerial bombing by warplanes and helicopter of the regime using dozens of rockets and barrel bombs on several neighborhoods in the city of Palmyra and other areas in al-Sekhneh in the eastern countryside of Homs and on the city of al-Qaryatayn, and reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that many of the wounded died due to lack of personnel and medical supplies in the city, while some of wounded are still fighting death, and one civilian doctor is serving in the sole field hospital in the city, while the emergency situations are taken to the city of Al-Raqqah, where some of the wounded died in the way to Al-Raqqah the stronghold of the “Islamic State” in Syria, also sources from the city confirmed that there are daily bombing witnessed by the area of the hospital in the city of Palmyra which is controlled by the “Islamic state” since the 20th of May 2015, while the intensified aerial bombardment resulted in a massive destruction in the properties of citizens, the airstrikes also resulted in the death of twenty members at least from the “Islamic State” and injured dozens of others after targeting one of the organization’s headquarters in the city of Palmyra.

It should be noted that at least 21 civilians -including women and children- died in the bombing by the regime’s warplanes on areas in the city of Palmyra, in the 18th of September 2015.