The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For “posting pictures of Al-Joura Neighbourhoods” | Members of the regime forces arrest a young man in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: Members of a patrol of the security services arrested a young man for “taking pictures of the streets of Al-Joura Neighbourhood in Deir Ezzor with his camera and posting them on his personal page of Facebook”, where quarrels took place between the young man and members of the patrol who beat and insulted him before arresting him and taking his properties.

On April 1, SOHR sources reported that the security services of regime forces have arrested at least two individuals on charges of “providing coordinates, information, and filming locations” following the Israeli airstrikes on a warehouse in the Scientific Research Center complex in Jamraya in western Damascus, last night, where their whereabouts and fate remain unknown. This coincided with a state of security alert and inspection at the security checkpoints.