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Growing anti-Syrian sentiment | Syrian young man “Ali Walid Abdul Baqi” dies under torture in Lebanon

SOHR demands the disclosure of the murderers and hold them accountable

The Lebanese authorities have not yet announced the killing of the Syrian refugee “Ali Walid Abdul Baqi,” who died under torture.


Residents have accused some Lebanese “racists” of involving in torturing and killing “Abdul Baqi” in Bint Jbeilah area in Lebanon, while he was returning back to his home from work.


This comes after the death of the official in the Lebanese Forces party, “Pascal Suleiman,” where his body was found in Syria. Lebanese authorities have blamed a group of seven Syrians for killing him.


The young man hailed from Mahambel town in Idlib countryside in north-western Syria.


The killing of the Syrian young man “Ali Walid Abdul Baqi,” has triggered discontent and anger among Syrians in Lebanon and Syria, who condemned the dire situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon in full view of the Lebanese authorities, which have taken no actions to hold accountable the perpetrators of these inhumane acts against Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Similarly, two young men from Al-Raqqah countryside sustained various injuries, after being assaulted and brutally tortured by individuals affiliated with Lebanese Forces Party in Lebanon.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemns and denounces the ongoing attacks against Syrians in Lebanon, calling on the Lebanese authorities to immediately reveal the perpetrators of this heinous crime and to take serious action to stop the direct and indirect incitement by Lebanese officials against Syrian refugees in Lebanon who fled from killing and arresting in their country to Lebanon.


As the Syrian Observatory condemned the killing of “Pascal Suleiman,” SOHR condemns the racist incitement by some Lebanese politicians against Syrian refugees and the untrue claims and reports blaming Syrian refugees for Lebanon’s internal crises. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also thanks many Lebanese people who embrace Syrian refugees.