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Seeking to learn new languages and improve their living conditions | Syrian civilians with high qualifications immigrate to Europe and Gulf states

University graduates and specialists and experts wit high qualifications are dreaming to immigrate from Syria, seeking to get higher salaries and enjoying decent standards of living.


Those Syrians desire to leave for Europe, especially Germany, and Gulf states, because of the laws adopted in these countries.


Many doctors and graduates with high qualifications in Syria learn foreign languages, especially Germany, while hundreds of students, mostly studying medicine, are registered every year in centres of teaching foreign languages, mainly Germany, English and French.


Meanwhile, hospitals in Syria are suffering from the lack of doctors, especially in the sections of anesthetization, kidney and intensive care, as well as the lack of dentists, a third of whom left Syria for Germany and Gulf states.


In its yearly report issued on the 22nd anniversary of the International Migrants Day, the International Organization for Migration announced that Syria topped the list with 6,800,000 immigrants.


Speaking to SOHR, a 38-year-old doctor known by his initials as A. K. from Al-Raqqah city and now living in Besancon city in France and working in a medical centre said “I graduated in 2010 and served in the military forces until 2013. After that period, I faced considerable challenges, especially after the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and later the ‘Islamic State Organisation’ took control of Al-Raqqah city. During this period, I and other doctors endured harassment that pushed us to leave for Turkey. I stayed in Turkey and filed an application in the French embassy in Turkey, seeking a refuge in France. I later managed to take my family to Paris.”


I and other Syrians with high qualifications suffered greatly until we obtained residency, where we have been distributed to different places according to our qualifications, where I was distributed to a medical dispensary in Besancon city’s suburbs.”


The doctor sees that all challenges he and his acquaintance, including doctors and engineers who have immigrated to Europe, remain better that the challenges which they might have faced in the case that they decided to stay in Syria, where the situation of doctors and engineers in Syria is disastrous, because of the lack of job opportunities and dreadful living conditions in light of the current economic crises.


A 25-year-old teacher known by her initials as M. S. who lives in Cologne city in Germany sees that most of the cities and areas in Europe have become safe haven and new homeland for Syrians who managed to establish communities in the countries they have immigrated to and managed to join work in different fields, after having obtained residencies valid for four years up to nine years, according to the laws adopted in every county.


The teacher told SOHR “I have given a full monthly salary as a teacher in a kindergarten with prerogatives which we have never obtained in Syria. I had worked as a teacher in Deir Ezzor city for four years. However, I have never been offered such prerogatives.”


Depending on testimonies of several Syrian people from different zones of influence, SOHR activists have confirmed that Syrian families are seeking to send their sons and daughters to Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Gulf states and Europe, where they never hesitate when it comes to sell all of their properties, so that their children reach their destinations and settle their situations in asylum countries and be able to bring their parents and regroup once again.